Charactor Actor

Ashley is available for character work at your parties and events!

Whether you are having a child’s birthday party in need of a Queen (ice-themed birthday party, anyone?), a company or corporate event where you’d like some unique entertainment (have Marilyn sing “Happy Birthday” to the President of your company!), or a party with your friends or co-workers (Goldie will hilariously emcee the activities of your 60’s-themed party!), there is a fantastic party option just waiting for you to Book it! If you are having a wine tasting event, Lucy will be happy to stomp grapes in a vat while taking pictures with your guests!

Though Marilyn is the main highlight of Ashley’s character resume, she consistently has many other roles in various stages of development. Just because you don’t see the character you’re looking for here doesn’t mean it isn’t on its way or already available! Requests for new characters are excitedly accepted – Ashley’s favorite part of acting is getting to know a new role!

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